VO Molecular Biology of the Cell


oral examination at the end of the course





1. Components of a cell: from molecules to organelles
2. The cell as a chemical system
  • chemical bonds
  • acids/bases
  • macromolecules: lipids, sugars, nucleic acids, proteins
3. Energy
  • chemical equilibrium
  • energy carriers ATP, GTP, NADH, FADH2
  • glycolysis
  • citric acid cycle
  • electron transport chain
  • ATP synthesis
4. DNA packing in the nucleus
  • DNA double helix
  • nucleosomes
  • chromatin
  • chromosomes
5. DNA Replication
6. Transcription, splicing, RNA interference
7. Translation
8. Proteins
  • properties of the natural amino acids
  • protein folding
  • protein domains
  • protein sorting
  • synthesis of membrane proteins
  • protein glycosylation
  • degradation
  • LVA-Nummer: 134.201
  • ECTS: 3.0
  • Stunden: 2



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