Services of your Fachschaft

Fachschaft Elektrotechnik considers it representation of all electrical engineering students. This mandate meens on one hand membership in the various organs of the Faculty and on the other hand offering extensive and meaningful services. Among other things, we offer an collection of examples, student guidance and first semester tutorium and the FETZ'N newspaper (also online). Furthermore, we also operate a special laboratory for students and organize events such as the Current Talk, a casual get-together of students and teachers. Student participation means for us also engagement in a educational and socio-political context. The University is not only the preparation for a profession, but also the formation of a political consciousness. We see the time of the studying as an opportunity to become involved as a political person and to feel part of a society that can and should be shaped. That is why we disapprove of any limitations to become a student as well as reviewing education by market principles. We stand against all forms of discrimination, bigotry and lack of criticism.