VO Automatisierungs- und Steuerungssysteme

Exam informations

Oral exam - relevant documents:

  • Book "Automatisierung komplexer Industrieprozesse" B. Favre:
    • Chapter 2.4 Steuerungen und Regler
    • Chapter 2.5 Verteilte Automatisierungssysteme
    • Chapter 2.7 Feldbusse
    • Chapter 2.8 Industrieroboter
    • Chapter 4 Leittechnik (gesamt)
  • Slides of the lectures

Workload for exams


The aim of this course is to acquire basic knowledge in the fields of process control, industrial automation systems based on cyclic- as well as event-driven control, highly flexible automation, industrial communication systems, and industrial robots.

Chapter I: Process Control Architectures
System architectures in process control, process control plants, open- and closed-loop control

Chapter II: Process Control Engineering
Programmable logic controllers, distributed control, implementation using IEC61131-3 as well as IEC61499

Chapter III: Reliabiliy and Safety
Danger and risk evaluation in process engineering, safety-related procedures and their requirements as well as means for the determination of error probabilities

Chapter IV: Introduction to Industrial Robots 
Forward kinematics, inverse kinematics, denavit-hartenberg convention, parametrization of rotational systems

Chapter V: Communication Systems
Communication systems for automation with a focus on industrial fieldbus technologies


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