SE Seminar Formale Methoden

Exam informations

Students will be graded based on:

1.) Ability to read and understand the papers assigned to them. The
effort and initiative to independently read and understand the paper
and to read up on related work will determine 50% of the grade. The
students' understanding of the paper will be evaluated during the
meetings with the lecturer and by means of questions after the talk.

2.) Ability to present the material in an accessible way to their fellow
students. The clarity and style of the presentation as well as the
students' effort to prepare the talk (e.g., by designing their own
examples rather than reusing material from the paper) determine 50% of
the grade.

Additional information on grading: The relative difficulty of the
paper will be taken into account. Asking meaningful questions about
the presentations of fellow students will have a positive impact
on the grade (attendance of these talks is compulsory).

Workload for exams


Reading of scientific papers,
literature research,
presentation of scientific work

The seminar covers selected topics in the field of automated software
verification. The course revolves around seminal research papers
in the field of software verification and state-of-the-art techniques
based on these papers. Each student will be assigned a research
papers. The students are expected to read and
understand the paper and prepare and present a half-hour talk on the

The first objective is to read and understand the content as well
as the significance of the assigned paper, as well as to
locate and read up on related work if the paper is not self-contained.
Prior to preparing the presentation, students are expected to discuss the
papers in a meeting with their assigned teaching assistant.

The objectives of the presentation are to present the topic in
a manner accessible for their fellow students. Students are
required to present and discuss their slides with the teaching assistant prior
to giving the presentation.

  • LVA-Nummer: 181.221
  • ECTS: 3.0
  • Stunden: 2




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