VO Biomembranes

Exam informations

oral examination at the end of the course

Workload for exams



Lipid Synthesis

  • Classification
  • Fatty Acid Synthesis
  • Phospholipid Synthesis: Kennedy Pathways
  • Ether Lipid synthesis
  • Synthesis of Phosphatidylinositol
  • Sphingolipid
  • Synthesis
  • Cholesterol Synthesis

Membrane Biophysics

  • Pressure profile
  • Bilayer thickness
  • Phases in Lipid Bilayers: Gibbs phase rule
  • Shape of lipids, curvature
  • Connection to the cytoskeleton: spectrin, actin
  • Lateral diffusion
  • Asymmetry

Membrane Transport & Electric Signaling

  • Permeability of Biomembranes
  • Nernst potential, resting potential
  • Ion channels
  • Voltage-gated ion channels
  • Action potential
  • Chemical synapse

Signaling via G-protein-Coupled Receptors

  • LVA-Nummer: 134.202
  • ECTS: 1.5
  • Stunden: 1




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