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The goal of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of test methods and test management in the whole software lifecycle. You will acquire the knowledge needed to design tests yourself and to make informed decisions for procuring test tools. You will be enabled to evaluate and improve test processes as well as to understand the chapters relevant for testing of standards like IEC 61508 and DO-178b. Every section of this course is illustrated with examples from industrial practice. Having mastered the test technology alone is insufficient, however, to reduce the software error rate. Therefore, this course will also show how to combine the execution of tests and test management with other methods, in order to target the cost optimum.

Testable and untestable requirements Test design, test documentation Unit test, integration test, system test und the combination of these tests Non-functional tests Static code analysis Automatic data race detection Test automation: variations, decision support Test tools from low cost to high end WCET Analysis Model-based testing, automatic test case generation Test management and control of test costs Metrics Legal issues, IEC 61508 Case studies and practical exercises


Hermann Kaindl

TISS: Hermann Kaindl

Stephan Grünfelder

TISS: Stephan Grünfelder


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