VO Software Engineering 2

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Oral examination Examination dates at the end of the course and, in addition, as agreed with the lecturer

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Primarily, this course aims to transfer knowledge about software engineering.

While also this course deals with object-oriented approaches, other approaches and topics are included as well: - Requirements Engineering (related to Systems Engineering in general) - User-Interface Design - Software Design (not only object-oriented, with a focus on principles like modularization, etc.) - Software Patterns (several of them in some detail) - Operations and Maintenance, system evolution - Re-Engineering (incl. Reverse Engineering) - Documentation of Software - Product-line Engineering - Rapid Prototyping

  • LVA-Nummer: 384.085
  • ECTS: 3.0
  • Stunden: 2



Hermann Kaindl

Email: hermann.kaindl@tuwien.ac.at
TISS: Hermann Kaindl


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